Strongman Can Liner - 43x47, 1.5 mil EQ, Black

Strongman Can Liner - 43x47, 1.5 mil EQ, Black

Item # SM434715

  • Gallon capacity: 56
43 x 47, Black, 1.5 mil EQ, 10/10/cs
Manufacturers Item #SM434715

Made with a combination of LLDPE and LD resins. LLDPE has a high tensile strength and high impact and puncture resistance. It is very flexible and will elongate under stress. This provides the extra strength, elasticity and performance at lower mil weights. LLDPE also has a good resistance to chemicals; they will perform well in temperature extremes and confine odors. LD is the most common plastic used to make can liners, as it is rather soft and flexible. By blending it with LLDPE, the strength increases without losing the thinner mil weights and flexibility. Has a star-seal bottom. Perforated coreless roll.

Gallon capacity: 56.

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